Screw Machine Tooling

We are experts in providing automatic screw machine tools. We manufacture:

  • Dovetail form tools
  • Dovetail shave tools
  • Flat forms
  • Carbide inserts

Tools can be made from high-speed steel, solid carbide, or tool steel with carbide inserts. The carbide inserts are very popular with our customers. They offer the benefits of carbide at considerably less expense. And, the inserts take only minutes to replace and run true. Both the body and inserts are ample, solid, and strong; strong enough to be re-sharpened many times.

Purchase one tool steel body and multiple inserts to maximize your machining repeatability, while also minimizing cost and downtime.

All tools will be custom made to your tool print or designed in-house with our CAD/CAM to your part print. Our EDM (electrical discharge machining) process produces a higher quality cutting tool which greatly improved finishes with less distortion than those produced by conventional grinding.

Use Toolamation to keep your tool costs from interfering with your bottom line. Our quotes include more than a dollar and cents figure, they include your assurance of quality. Our complete in-house capabilities allow quick turnaround times.

Tool Blanks

We supply:

  • Dovetail form tool blanks
  • Dovetail shave tool blanks

Dovetail form tool blanks and shave tool blanks are available in high speed steel and tool steel. The blanks are ready to grind or EDM to form.

Dovetail Form Tool Holders

Our tool holders are manufactured on site. The holders are available to secure a dovetail form tool in the straight position or at 1 degree right or left hand.




Dovetail Form Tool Sharpening Fixture

Speed up your sharpening operation and return your tools to operation. Our patented device quickly secures any dovetail form tool in a precise position while it is being sharpened.

The device is easily adjusted to various face angles between 0° and 20° and can clamp a wide range of dovetail type form or shave tools.


U.S. Patent No. 3,848,865
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